AI for Busy Illustrators

Create ai art with your style

Transfer your style to cut production time and keep up with deadlines by creating AI-powered illustrations

Artist: Piyapong Saydaung

Scale Your Illustration Business and Achieve Your Goals

If you have a busy workload and need to produce high-quality illustrations in a small allotted time to you keep up with your clients’ deadlines, DopeDraw is here to revolutionise your illustration workflow and take your work to the next level.

How it works

Artist: Piyapong Saydaung

Step 1: train the AI using style references

Upload references that represent your style and DopeDraw will use them to train Stable Diffusion to create illustrations using your unique style. And only you can use it. You can train multiple styles, so you can switch between them according to what your clients need.

Created using DopeDraw

Step 2: create stunning illustrations

Once your AI model is trained, you can use it to generate illustrations in resolutions up to 4K quickly and easily by using simple, short prompts (e.g. a girl, or a cyberpunk futuristic helmet) and DopeDraw will create images using the style you trained it with. This allows you to focus on your creativity and produce high-quality illustrations in no time.

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What is the purpose of DopeDraw?

The purpose of DopeDraw is to allow busy illustrators to train an AI model using their own style and generate illustrations quickly and easily. This streamlines the illustration process and allows illustrators to focus on their creativity.

How do I train my AI model?

To train your AI model, upload references of the style you want to train the model with. Make sure to only upload images that are all in the same style and preferably square (1:1 aspect ratio) to ensure consistent results. Once you have finished selecting all of your images, click on the Upload button to begin the training process.

How long does the training process take?

The training process may take between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on the number of images uploaded. You can monitor the progress of the training by checking the status in your DopeStyles dashboard.

Can I train multiple styles?

Yes, you can upload multiple styles and train multiple models. Once the models are trained, you can select the desired style from the dropdown menu at the generation page and click on the Generate button.

Do I need to own the rights to the images I upload?

Yes, you need to own the rights to the images you upload. By uploading images, you agree to the platform's Terms of Service.

What happens to the images I upload after the training process is complete?

All training images are deleted immediately after the training process is finished. The trained model is completely private and you hold total control over it.

Will the images I upload be used for any other purpose?

No, we will never use the images you uploaded to train the AI for any other purpose.

Is there any cost for using the platform?

It depends on the stage the platform is at. If you're invited to try the platform during the closed beta stage, you will have access for free while the closed beta lasts. After it's launched, there will be a subscription-based pricing model.

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